How to replace sugar?

The harmfulness of white sugar and a bad its big impact on the silhouette has been said since very long time, but not everyone is able to give up sweetening tea or coffee and eating sweet foods. Fortunately, white sugar can be replaced with safer alternatives.

It should be noted first that healthy sugar substitutes are not artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame. Opinions on artificial sweeteners are different, so it is best to give up their use. But noteworthy are natural sweeteners such as stevia.


Stevia has no calories, so it is a good option for those interested in weight reduction. It can be used by diabetics. Stevia can be purchased in a variety of forms, such as powder, liquid or tablet form. This eco-friendly sweetener can be used both to sweeten beverages, as well as for the preparation of homemade desserts.

Very popular it is also xylitol, so birch sugar. This is another product that can be used by diabetics. It should be mentioned that xylitol is toxic to dogs, so it should not be added to products eaten by animals. Among the other natural sweeteners are agave syrup, erytrol and maple syrup.

The use of natural sugar substitutes helps maintain a slim silhouette and has a positive impact on health. In the case of diabetics, it allows to enjoy the taste of their favorite dishes, all of which they would have to give up, because of the content of white sugar.