How to lose weight healthily?

Overweight and obesity have a very bad effect on health, which is why it is worth to fight against excessive pounds. It does not mean, however, that weight loss always leads to improved health condition. It all depends on how we will fight against overweight.

One of the most common mistakes is to choose a very restrictive diet. On hunger strikes usually decide people who depend on rapid weight reduction. Unfortunately, such a diet can not be used safely for so long that there was a reduction of a fat tissue.

Short, restrictive diets lead to weight loss through dehydration, and even if it comes to burn a part of the fat tissue, there is a high probability that after the diet yo-yo effect occurs. It is also a mistake to select a diet without regard to the health condition.


Some disorders are a contraindication to the use of certain diets, so the choice of a diet should be well thought out. Another mistake is an exclusion from the diet foods, which can lead to a deficiency of important nutrients.

At the end, it is worth mentioning supplementation. Unfortunately, there are no magic preparations for weight loss, and the use of products that are advertised in this way can have negative effects. Effective supplements such as fat burners or appetite-reducing preparations, although they accelerate weight reduction, but are not a substitute for a proper diet and physical activity.