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Israeli Fashion Photographer Leads Campaign for Change

Adi Barkan, famous fashion photographer and owner of a Tel Aviv modeling agency, has committed to changing the modeling industry's definition of beauty. A few months ago, Barkan rushed an Israeli model to the hospital; she was battling anorexia and had collapsed in her home. She died last week, weighing less than 60 pounds.
"Barkan's goal, through legislation and public relations, is to try to change the very definition of beauty, one pound at a time. In 2004, working with Knesset member Inbal Gavriely, he successfully submitted legislation to Israel's Parliament requiring all Israeli modeling agencies to use the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a pre-requisite for employment..."
To date, over 30 Israeli CEOs have agreed to only hire models that have passed a health exam. In order to continue working, models have to pass a health exam every three months. With France and Italy opening supporting Barkan's campaign, the modeling industry may well be on its way to redefining beauty.

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