Hamburgers, fries and calories

There is no doubt that fast food is not a good option for people who care about maintaining a slim silhouette. On the other hand, allowing yourself once in a while to eat a hamburger and fries should not lead to a significant increase in weight. It is worth a closer look at the caloric content of this type of products.

One hamburger has about 280 calories. This refers to a simple hamburger without the addition of fatty sauces and cheese, with which youe often eat it. Calorific value of a small order of fries is about 235 kcal, while the big one – 470. Of course, also in this case it is important with which additives chips are eaten.

Unfortunately, the caloric content of fast foods is not the only reason why it is recommended to reduce consumption of these products. Hamburgers and fries contain many unhealthy fats, and salt. These and other fast foods can not be classified as healthy foods.

For fast food lovers the good news should be that some fast food can be prepared in a little lighter and healthier version. For a hamburger, instead of a wheat bread can be used a wholemeal bread with seeds and inside of ot can be put into a lean, minced pork, fried in a grill pan, for example. Vegetarians can, therefore, take chops with soy or chickpeas.

As already mentioned, once in a while, for example, every two weeks or every month, you can afford fries or a hamburger. People who find it difficult to refrain from eating junk food, however, should avoid places where they are sold.