Five meals a day

Many paople eat only three meals daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Such a diet, even in the case of a high regularity of meals, it is not good for humans. If you want to eat healthily, then we must replace three larger meals with three smaller.

Smaller meals are easier to digest, so eating five times a day has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and helps in maintaining the right body weight. Such a diet allows you to maintain proper insulin level, without spikes of glucose level that are conducive to the accumulation of a fat tissue.


Large meals are conducive to digestive problems and flatulence. What’s more, eating three big meals means long breakes between successive portions of food. During such breaks many it is difficult for people to avoid snacking and eating high-calorie snacks, so maintaining proper weight is quite difficult.

Another advantage of the five daily meals is that eating this way, it is easier to plan a menu that could supply the organism with all essential nutrients. Three meals a day are a certain limit for people who are trying to use a varied diet.

Eating five meals a day your should take care of their regularity and the proper distribution of a daily diet (CPR). Breakfast should provide from 25 to 30 CPR, a snack from 5 to 10 CPR, lunch from 35 to 40 CPR, tea from 5 to 10 CPR, and dinner from 15 to 20 CPR.