Watch out for light products

Many people claim that they eat healthily, but in reality not everyone knows what is healthy eating. The best proof of this thesis are light products, which have gained immense popularity recently.

The people who take this type of food type are mainly those who are trying to stay slim, but do not want to give up favorite foods, such as mayonnaise or ice cream. Unfortunately, such a diet can have bad effects. Firstly, there is a lack of precise rules that would determine what products can be marked with the slogan “light”.


Therefore, manufacturers can marked food in this way, which caloric content is almost the same as in the case of normal food products. Moreover, the preservation of flavor and the desired consistency requires the use of artificial additives, such as chemical stabilizers. The impact of such additives on human health can be detrimental.

The problem is also the fact that people who eat light products often allow themselves to consume them in large quantities. Meanwhile, a light mayonnaise, although it has a little less fat than a regular mayonnaise, but still it can not be regarded as a light product, as in the case of many other light products.

If we want to eating lighter counterparts of some food products, it is worth to look for them in health food stores. Here may be found, for example, tasty sweets that do not contain white sugar or artificial preservatives.